February 22, 2017

Protect Your Network from DNSChanger Malware Attack Using DNS Firewall

DNS security

These days, there are a number of serious threats to the DNS domain. One among such threats is the possibility of a DNSChanger malware attack. It is a highly dangerous security risk which poses an immediate threat to the DNS security of computer and router systems. The basic function of this malware is to change the DNS server on your machine by detecting malicious scripts that may perform CSRF attacks. Many defenseless units like routers can fall prey to it for the lack of having CSRF token or being setup with an initially weak password in the first place. In short, it is a DNS hijacking Trojan.

Next time when you see a commercial of your most loved combine of shoes on any site, regardless of the possibility that it is true blue, please refrain from clicking on any such devious link. Because that promoting could taint you in a manner that not only your framework but rather every gadget associated with your system would get influenced. A couple days prior, we detailed about another exploit unit, which covers up malware code in the pixels of pennant ads turning on a few prominent news sites.

Now the question arises, as to how to protect your system against this menace. Well, the answer is provided in the points below:

  • The simplest means is to integrate your DNS firewall with DD-WRT firmware. It is an open source firmware that is not susceptible to same bugs or attack openings as the factory installed software. It also has an integrated firewall as well as ad-blocking. It also assists in the incorporation of VPNs in the router network.
  • Clients are encouraged to guarantee that their routers are running the most recent variant of the firmware and are ensured with a sturdykeyword. They can likewise handicap remote organization, change its default neighborhood IP address, and consolidate a trusted DNS server into the working framework arrange settings.
  • In the event, your firewall strategy permits access to any DNS resolver on the Internet, and on the off chance that you got a virus notice that distinguishes your firewall, then you likely should check firewall logs to recognize machines which have been under the brunt of an attack. Search for inward addresses that are getting to the locations of the earlier maverick DNS servers fundamentally on port 53/udp.
  • Make sure to keep hostile to infection programming current on all PCs, and track or check the updates. The DNS Changer malware, and additionally various different sorts of malware, will impair refreshes on tainted machines. The absence of updates leaves the malware undetected as well as leaves the influenced machines unprotected against other malware.

Presently, analysts have found that assailants are focusing on online clients with an exploit unit called DNSChanger which is being conveyed by means of promotions that cover up themalignant code in picture information. Must you have a recollection of DNSChanger no? Yes, the same malware that took down a great many PCs around the world in 2012.

DD-WRT VPN switches likewise contain solid firewalls and promotion blockers, consequently tapping on an ad that may contain the malware is difficult in the first place. What’s more, to wrap things up, VPNs encode every one of your data units, including your Bonafide IP address, so DNSChanger and other comparable exploit units have no way to assault and control your system.

In this way, being aware and alert can take you a long way and help you avoid and protect against DNSChanger malware attacks. Hence, keep up to date with the latest information and you will seldom have to worry about such Trojans.