November 4, 2016

Funding Your Small Business

One deterrent to starting a small business involves money. Certainly, finding the funds to start a small business is extremely frustrating for the potential entrepreneur. Their primary funding goal is to obtain enough money to start the business and have enough to help the business grow through the first year. Of course, a potential entrepreneur might go the traditional route to fund their new business. However, some creative people have discovered very reasonable ways to fund their small business. Typically, it involves just a bit of brainstorming or thinking outside of the box.

Personal Sources
Most new entrepreneurs have not established a sound credit history and have difficulty getting a traditional business loan. Some creative people decide to use their credit cards or savings account to fund their business venture. Certainly, using credit cards is risky and using savings funds will deplete money at hand. However, they find that it is worth the initial risk.Friends & Family
In some cultures, friends and family are the primary source of funding for an individual starting a business venture. The individual might offer their friends and family a deal. Invest funds in the business venture and in return they will own a small percentage of the business. Often, family and friends are very willing to invest in the business because they want to help the individual and business achieve success.

Online Funding Sources
Thanks to the Internet and social media, it is easy to get a crowd-funding project started almost in a mater of minutes. What is crowd-funding? Well, it is a way to gather together a group of small investors to fund a small business venture or raise money for a business project. For example, an inventor has a great new project concerning a machine that filtrates the air in a smoky environment. They want to raise money quickly to start the project and might go to a site like GoFundMe to get the small business project off the ground. In fact, this online crowd funding site has a section called business and entrepreneurs that is dedicated to raising funds for that group.

September 30, 2016

DNS Security Issues and Threat Protection

The DNS (Domain Name System) is an essential tool on the Internet that provides a mechanism for host name resolution into IP addresses. The insecurity that underlies protocols and integrity checking coupled with the lack of authentication in the information within DNS threatens its functionality. The Internet Security Task Force is under intense work on DNS security to increase their safety, called DNSSEC.

We take DNS for granted. In our daily hustle over the internet, we use software that automatically connects to the web, without using the host name. We never think about what goes in the background when opening a browser and keying in the URL. It is always a huge convenience to use names instead of IP addresses. Humans remember names more often than numbers. When placing a phone call, we remember the name of the individual rather than their phone numbers. Imagine having to remember the IPv4 of the host name of the website to visit instead of the website name. It is virtually impossible to remember the 128-bit IPv4 address. This makes a reliable DNS an absolute necessity.

The problem is here. When security was not an issue, DNS was designed in the olden days for the internet. Only educational institutions and government agencies used the internet. Given the high importance of DNS to a network, it is clear that dns security is very vital. Here are the most common targeted threats against DNS servers.
Zone Information Leakage: This can occur when an intruder gains access to critical information about the roles of servers. For instance, the attacker may gain access to a server by the name PAYROLL to find valuable information.

Zone File Comprise: This attack is not necessarily extreme. It can be done by anyone with slight information about DNS. This can be an insider or someone logged on over Telnet. Ensure that the DNS server is under lock to minimize unauthorized entry.

Cache Poisoning: DNS communicate with other servers using cache queries. An intruder can take advantage of that and send a malicious query to manipulate the servers to issue unauthorized information.

DNS Client Flooding: DNS queries are not authenticated. This means it is easy to create several DDos attacks on DNS and render it disabled.

Compromised Dynamic Updates: Attackers will take advantage of unsecured updates because this allows any host to have its address registered without authentication. This wreaks havoc.

September 29, 2016

Why is Real Estate CRM Software a Necessity?

Custom relationship management (CRM) software has become essential for many professions. This enables your brick-and-mortar firm to reach a wider, mobile audience 24/7/365. Learn about the four top features in real estate CRM software, which are a necessity for modern property conveyance.

“1. Agile File-Sharing”

If you have multiple agents, you might need the powerful features of file-sharing across smart phones, computers and the cloud. This allows your entire real estate firm to remain on the same page. You can complete transactions in real-time, especially when you are training new staff members.

You also will need to share deeds, home purchase offers and trust documents with your customers, lawyers and third-parties. You might be on the road, showing a home when someone requests an important document. With real estate CRM software, you can send these important documents anywhere.

“2. Compatible with Mobile Devices”

Your clients will probably want frequent updates on whether they had the winning bid for the home of their dreams. The best real estate CRM software is compatible with the top iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Stay connected to deliver superior customer service.

“3. Automate Communications”

Home sales can be a very emotional experience. Your customers might want frequent communications to determine the status of their conveyance. You can automate your emails and follow up to save time.

Of course, there is also communication with inspectors, builders and lawyers. Property conveyance has important “time limits.” If these are not met, then you could lose money or your opportunity to complete transactions. You could set the CRM to both notify you and your customers of important events on the calendar.

“4. Real-Time Price Tracking”

The housing market can go through many hot and cold cycles with wide price variations. Ensure that you are on top of all the relevant market prices with automatic notifications. The best real estate Best CRM for Real Estate software can save you money, by ensuring that your bids are the most competitive.

September 28, 2016

How to Handle an Injury Case

There are plenty of cases where a person is injured, when there is another party that is responsible for the accident and the resulting injury. We live in a country where you can gain compensation for anyone that ends up causing you personal injury, so if you do wind up in an accident, locate an attorney that practices accident injury law as soon as you possibly can. One of the reasons why attorneys prefer that you contact them and sign them on as your lawyer as soon as possible after an accident that results in an injury is the fact that time can be crucial.

Avoid Contact
When it comes to an injury case, the one thing you are going to want to do is avoid all contact with the party that put you in this situation. This is hard for quite a bit of people to do, as there is little question that the party that is responsible is going to try to reach out in one way or another. Most lawyers that practice accident lawyers toronto injury law will tell you that they will handle all of the communication with the other party, as there is no question that this is going to come out better for your case.

Be Prepared for a Long Case
When it comes to these types of cases, they can take quite a while, so it is important not to get impatient with the process, although this is something that your lawyer will absolutely go over with you and prepare you for. A huge amount of components go into these types of cases, which are all going to have to be considered when the judge takes a look at the case. There is going to have to be a determination on the extent of a persons injuries, the emotional and psychological pain that they may have suffered, the future medical costs throughout the rest of a persons life, as well as punitive damages for the accident. All of these things can take a while to hash out, but the longer it takes, the more money is likely going to be stacked up in the process.

September 27, 2016

Adopting the New Internet

Should Canada care about Internet Protocol version 6? Though adoption of the new and improved Internet protocol is progressing slowly, the answer is a definite “Yes”. With the rest of the world transitioning to WiFi-enabled devices (the Internet of Things), IPv6 adoption is critical in many ways.

1. It is already happening
IPv6 is the standard for new Internet devices. Although many companies are clinging to traditional IPv4 networks, the upgrade to IPv6 is underway, and at an increasing rate.

2. Scalable
As IPv4 runs out of IP addresses, ipv6 adoption and its greater addressing capacity are essential to the new wave of devices and growing networks. IPv6 is so much more advanced that it can literally provide billions of IP addresses to every computer on Earth, which means it’s likely that no one will ever run out.

3. Short stacks
IPv6 anticipated the Internet of Things by many years. Researchers developed a simpler machine version of IPv6 call 6LoWIPAN before IPv6 was released. This is an IP addressing scheme for limited devices, but is easily translated to full IP addresses by IPv6 routers. This means that smart devices can communicate more efficiently than applications designed for human end users.

4. Extension of the Internet
IPv6 adoption allows Internet functionality for a broader scope of devices and services. Trials have led to successful network integration of hundreds of sensors and even livestock outfitted with microchips. These simple devices can operate as web services, making them accessible to existing system architecture.

5. Mobile users
IPv6 adoption is also the inevitable choice for mobile networks. With mobile devices in Canada outnumbering people, IPv6 is essential to supporting mobile end-nodes and routing across networks of millions of users.

6. Self-configuring addresses
IPv6 includes a stateless self-configuration mechanism for obtaining IP addresses. Each device can establish its own unique IP address without the need for the registries of IPv4. This dramatically reduces the cost and time of obtaining IP addresses across the network.

IPv6 is totally compliant with the Internet, which means smart devices and users can connect easily to the Internet of Things, or create their own networks on a global scale.

September 26, 2016

The Versitllity of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is most often used as shipping containers. The corrugated containers need to be constructed well enough to ship items from warehouse to distribution, to destination. Corrugated packaging serves as a protective shipping vessel and are many times filled with various types of cushioning to shield contents. The design of a box is critical and corrugated boxes are used in many capacities as storage as well as transport.

Corrugated packaging Chicago is extremely versatile and can be manufactured as plain packaging or decorated to reflect the logos of the businesses served. When designed properly, this type of shipping container is extremely strong and dependable for many uses. Corrugated boxes not only are a popular choice for their inherent strength, but also for durability, low storage weight, ability to fold up and take up small spaces, recyclability and many other key factors that make this type container important to the shipping industry. Many types of businesses utilize the versatility of corrugated packaging from food service, manufacturing, retail marketing as well as shipping companies. The box is so useful in industry that there is an entire industry in box design. Several box platforms are popular in the industry including Full Overlap (FOL), Half Slotted Container (HSC), Full and Partial Telescope Box and Corrugated Tray. These are the most popular designs currently used in all industries. Regulated slotted containers are the most popular in box design but the other designs have advantages as strength and durability are foremost in basic design.

All these components are important in the corrugated packaging industry and it is safe to surmise that the entire shipping industry would be far less economical and usable without the use of the box. As the industry designs and manufactures boxes, several factors are considered in design including the items to be packaged, object weight, size requirements and how the boxes will be stacked in warehousing. Industry would not be as efficient without the usefulness of the basic corrugated box so popular in all facets of packaging materials.