May 25, 2017

Lose Weight With Just These 5 Exercises. Read Now!


Tired of those embarrassing fat folds? It is time to step up your game and make the needed effort and sacrifice some flab to look fab. HERE are a few exercises to win you over.

1. Crunches


It is important to do this exercise as it can help you in losing that precious belly fat that flabs around your body. Running is an option too, but a lot slower than crunches. Needs less space and less time too. Just lie down, get your hands behind your head and bring your abdomen upwards. As you lift your torso, do not sit up straight. Your back should make an angle of 30-40 degrees with the ground. Protect your network as you protect your body, contact DNS firewall.

2. Twist Crunches

via Eglin Air Force Base
via Eglin Air Force Base

Just do the crunches that you have been doing and in addition try to turn sideways. It is very helpful for your side abs and also your chest and center abdominals.

3. Reverse Crunches


Instead of taking your abdomen up, keep lying down and bring your legs up to crunch your belly into your chest. It will help you a lot in shrinking that waist and also feeling light and pumped at the end of the day.  The only thing that you need to do is tilt your legs behind simultaneously with your shoulders.Keep your back straight while performing the exercise, as arching it can result in pain.

4. Bicycle Exercise


Contrary to what you may feel, no cycling equipment is needed. Just lie down and move your legs up in the air like you are riding a cycle in the air. Lie on the floor and keep your hands either by your sides or behind your head as you do in crunches.Lift both your legs above and move them in a cyclic and circular manner while bending them at the knees and keep doing so until your abs are a bit sore.

5. Cardio Exercise


Cardio is good for the cardiovascular efficiency of important organs like lungs and the heart. Regular cardio can give you a fitter, leaner and meaner body shape. Running half an hour or doing cross fit is a great way to put some strain and rise above it spectacularly.