May 18, 2017

5 Most Bizarre Yet Successful Businesses

Flickr/ Bousure

There can be so many avenues to generate business and earn a handsome amount of money. Even money can lie in those places of business where you can never even imagine. This is why those avenues remain unattended due to hesitant attitude towards getting involved in those businesses.

Some of these weird but growing businesses are listed below which can be really pondered upon:

1. Coral Reef Graves

By Jerry Reid (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service WO-3540-CD42A) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jerry Reid (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service WO-3540-CD42A) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
It has been heard a lot of times about the scattering of the ashes in the sea. But, have you ever thought your ashes to be able to develop the coral reefs and make yourself a part of the ecosystem? In this business, your ashes are used for the growth and development of coral reefs.

2. Murder Cleaners

Flickr/ Bousure
Flickr/ Bousure

It can sound so bad. But, the real thing is that these are those people who are hired by the government or the police officials in order to clean and sort out the surroundings to make it livable again without any trace of any mishappenings.

3. Mystery Auctions

Flickr/ Paris on Ponce
Flickr/ Paris on Ponce

There is an online serving company which auctions stuff online. The only game point here is the anonymity of the stuff you are auctioning for. It works as an unknown gift by you to your own self. This business is gaining attention and people are really very happy with the kinds of stuff they receive after auctioning.

4. Personal Romance Novels


In this business, people dramatize the love in your life and design a romance novel inspired from the romances of your life. In this way, they immortalize your love life in the form of a paperback. It is really attractive for book lovers and people deep in romance.

5. Wedding on the Go


This is one business which is the most suitable for people in love but low on budget. This is kind of a wedding wagon which travels to your place and gives you the comfort of a glorious yet affordable wedding. It is a reality for those who are tight in their pockets and a lifesaver. Moving out work can easily be handled by the pros of Calgary movers while you choose the best destination of your honeymoon. )

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