May 21, 2017

10 Tweets That Perfectly Summarize Everyday Life!


Everyday Life Perfectly Summarised !

Life is tricky. Sometimes it takes turns you can’t even think of. However, everything that happens with us in our everyday life has some humor attached to it. While we just laugh at them and let these moments go, there are people who like to jot down their daily life funny experiences and share them on social media. Presenting some of the hilarious tweets inspired by humorous life experiences:


1. Coz Facebook friends are no less than fictional characters

2. Your phone is the victim when you have a crush on someone

3. Happens with a lot of people, right?

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4. This guy has his demands sorted out!

5. How many of us are prone to forgetting birthdays?

6. When you are too self-esteemed

7. Pretty much true!

8. This would surely make you laugh!

9. Just corporate things!

10. This is the most relatable! We all would have won thousands of arguments while in shower, haven’t we?